Augmented Analytics: How Smart Features Are Changing Business Intelligence


The latest breakthroughs in business intelligence and analytics are seeing the application of heuristics, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence and automation to improve data access and data quality, uncover hidden patterns and correlations in data, pinpoint what’s driving particular results, predict future results and suggest actions to maximize or minimize desirable or undesirable outcomes.

What’s more, natural language (NL) interfaces are making it easier for business users without knowledge of data science or query languages to gain insight and make better decisions based on data.

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Discover how to drive large-scale digital transformations with a serverless smart analytics program built on BigQuery.

  • Making the right cloud infrastructure choices
  • Simplifying data security and management
  • Getting users the data access and results they need, when they need it
  • Bringing the advanced analytics technology of the future to the present
  • Learn more about how modernizing your data warehouse with BigQuery can help you make smarter decisions faster.

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