Gorilla Guide: Taking the Enterprise AI Journey


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Artificial Intelligence


Getting more value from your data means adopting advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. But the very thought of deployment, implementation, and management of these things can be daunting. That’s where HPE comes in. They can help you with the scary stuff.

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Whitepaper – The CIO guide to crisis recovery


COVID-19 has challenged leaders across organizations to move at an unprecedented pace, as they go from stabilizing operations to reopening the workplace to growing in the next normal.

The choices CIOs make in these moments are critical, and not all options are equal.

Unlocking and integrating data with APIs is key to helping organizations respond quickly, increase agility, and scale to meet growing or new demands.

Organizations need an API strategy, so they can compose existing digital capabilities to quickly deliver critical services, return to work, and prepare for accelerated digital transformation.

The CIO guide to crisis recovery


Businesses around the world are reopening their workplaces. But what are the next steps for CIOs to orchestrate a safe, fast, and efficient return to and grow in the new normal? Use this step-by-step guide to quickly plan, manage, and deliver mission-critical IT projects and build an agile foundation for growth in the next normal.

Download this actionable guide to:

  • Stabilize and respond quickly to future risk using APIs to unlock and integrate data.
  • Reopen safely using a connected view of employees and customers.
  • Build an agile business foundation to grow in the next normal.

A Guide to Managing Dynamic Workforce Risk


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Data Management


Since the workforce and the technologies they use are continually evolving, two things are critical to supporting the changing needs of the business: knowing how your capabilities measure up to industry standards, and knowing which investments to make to at least be on par with those standards. This requires evaluation of dynamic workforce risk through the lens of a maturity model that analyzes five key domains: governance, identity, privacy, data and systems.

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The Essential Guide to Container Monitoring


Businesses are embracing containers in droves. According to Gartner, more than half of global enterprises will be running containerized applications in production by 2020, up from less than 20% today.

Containers remedy an all-too-common problem in IT Operations: getting software to run reliably and uniformly no matter where it is deployed. As an app is moved from one computing environment to another — from staging to production, for example — it can run into problems if the operating system, network topology, security policies or other aspects of the environment are different. Containers isolate the app from its environment, abstracting away these environmental differences.

In comparison with a virtual machine, containers are far more lightweight and resource efficient, allowing for much greater utilization of server resources.

Discover now all the benefits that containers can bring to your organization.

IT job and salary guide: Highest tech salaries, top-paying cities, and compensation-boosting tips

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    July 7, 2020
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Tech jobs remain in demand, with some positions offering hefty compensation.

Global Knowledge’s yearly report stated that the average annual salary for IT decision makers in the US is an impressive $141,024, and that’s
not even the highest-paying tech salary.

Find out which top-ranking tech job pays the most and where it’s located in this ebook from TechRepublic Premium.

Also tech professionals can learn how to negotiate a salary increase, what technology fields draw the highest salaries, top
certifications and skills that pay the most, emerging tech hubs, the best cities for top-paying tech jobs, and more.

In the ebook:

  • Highest and lowest IT job salaries in US, Canada and Europe
  • Average IT decision-maker salary hits record $141,024 in US
  • Find out which top ranking tech job pays $138,277
  • 10 popular tech jobs with salaries of $150K and more
  • Report: Perl developers command 54% more money globally
  • Salary survey: Experienced security managers make more than $250,000 a year
  • Find out the 26 remote jobs with salaries of $100K or more
  • Top 4 US states for AI jobs
  • Top 20 cities with the highest tech salaries
  • Top 15 cities for women in tech
  • 11 hottest software engineering jobs of 2020
  • 300,000 new developer jobs in US in next decade
  • Mid-level developers are in highest demand, according to tech hiring leaders
  • Top 15 jobs in tech for non-techies
  • 19 cloud computing certifications to boost your salary
  • Top IT certifications that pay the highest salaries
  • Off the beaten path: How alternative learning results in high-paying tech jobs
  • How developers can negotiate a salary increase
  • Here’s a bootcamp that could help land a $146,000 Linux cloud engineering job
  • 11 popular IT certifications and cross-certifications that pay the most
  • And much more!

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Insider’s guide to defending against ransomware


According to CyberSecurity Ventures, global damage costs from ransomware are estimated to be more than $20 billion in 2021, up from $11.5 billion in 2019.1 By the end of 2021, they expect there to be a ransomware attack every 11 seconds, up from every 14 seconds in 2019.

No industry is immune to ransomware attacks. For instance, Cyber Risk Management (CyRiM), a Lloyds of London partner, projected potential healthcare industry losses of $25B2 in the event of a major attack such as NotPetya. NotPetya affected a number of companies worldwide, with Merck estimating over $670M and FedEx over $400M in losses.3 Yet these weren’t even “criminal” attacks — according to the U.S. White House, the attack was launched by the Russian military against the Ukraine.4 Merck and FedEx losses were simply collateral damage, and many corporate insurance policies exclude losses caused by acts of war.

Git guide for IT pros (free PDF)


Developed by Linux creator Linus Torvalds, Git is the most widely-used, modern version control system (VCS) in the world. This tool enables users and developers to collaborate on local machines/networks or via public servers. Developers should think of Git as their go-to collaboration tool.

Also, Git works seamlessly with GitHub (the world’s leading code hosting platform), though it doesn’t require the use of a public-facing service; in fact, Git can be easily used on a single machine or via a Git server on your own private network. Either way, collaboration on code or every kind of file is made exponentially easier.

This Git guide for IT pros ebook from TechRepublic provides a quick way to get up to speed on the VCS and better understand why and how Git’s impact on software development.

In the download:

  • How to use Git: An introduction
  • Git: A cheat sheet
  • Git turns 15, and becomes even more important for distributed development
  • How to connect GNOME Builder to your Git repository
  • How to connect to your self-hosted Gitea git repository from the command line
  • How to install the self-hosted Git server Gitea on Ubuntu 18.04
  • How to install and use git-secret
  • How to install Git on Android
  • And much more!