Protecting Media Logins From Credential Stuffing


Best practices for browser, gaming console, and OTT set-top box

Media companies — OTT providers, newspapers, game publishers, etc. — have become the number one target for credential stuffing attacks.

This document is written for companies that are considering using Bot Manager Premiere (BMP) and for companies that need to tune their implementation to better protect their device and login environments.

Social media policy

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    June 16, 2020
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The use of social media to promote company business, provide customers with announcements and information, present upcoming milestone dates and otherwise interact with the public is now commonplace among organizations. From the smallest one-person shop to the largest multinational corporation, just about every company striving to turn a profit has a social media presence.

It’s not only companies which rely on social media; individuals also profit from these environments as well, either to promote their own private business or to utilize for recreational purposes.

Every employee has an opportunity to express and communicate online in many ways, and the organization encourages an online presence. But above all else, employees must use good judgment on what material makes its way online.

This social media policy from TechRepublic Premium applies to all employees, contractors, business partners, and other parties responsible for using social media in accordance with performing business duties for the organization. It also applies to the organization’s social media accounts themselves and personal or otherwise non-company-related social media accounts utilized by employees.

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